first follower

Building leading design teams

We have over 15 years of experience leading design at companies such as Mollie, eBay and funda. Now we enable start-ups and scale-ups to get the most out of design by helping them build great design teams.

How we can help you

Set the foundation

Establish the role of design

Design the required organisation

Define success and trade-offs

Build the team

Recruit, hire and onboard

Setup collaboration with other roles

Find your design leader

Grow the team

Cultivate the right team culture

Grow a team, not a group

Coach and mentor leaders

Companies we've worked with

Our mission

To help businesses unlock the full potential of design
with happy, effective and leading design teams.

first follower

/fəːst ˈfɒləʊə/

The brave first one who accepts the leader and shows others how to follow. With her actions she empowers the individual to turn into a genuine leader.

The way we work


1 or 2 hour check-ins for advise

Focussed on a specific problem

Perfect for product or design leaders

Interim in-house

Fixed time projects (e.g. 3 months)

Setting strategy and leading execution

Useful when starting from scratch

Design coaching

Recurring over a longer period of time

On leadership, culture and design

For leaders, team and individuals